Experts and Austin community leaders are speaking out forcefully about the havoc that CodeNEXT is wreaking. CodeNEXT, the city of Austin's plan to overhaul its land development code, just came out with its 1388-page second draft. Last night, Jim Duncan, who spent the last 55 years serving as a planning and zoning advisor to over 200 communities in 30 states, including his home town of Austin, released an entertaining and illuminating slide show with this bombastic title, "CodeNEXT or CodeWRECK". These are not the words normally used by community planners, but as Duncan pointed out he's never seen anything this bad in his entire career. "Henhouses designed by foxes have never worked well", is just one of Duncan's colloquialisms made while offering constructive solutions that address affordability. Duncan suggested that Instead of programs resulting in "enhancing real estate values and entitlements in Austin, they have not been that successful in producing much affordable housing." Duncan' power point makes this "mumbo-jumbo" planning speak understandable for the people of Austin. Thank you, Jim! Folks, keep reading down the page for Community Not Commodity's Released Report today on CodeNEXT. This is a community organization that is doing much of the heavy lifting for the Austin community on this white elephant. Many thanks for their hard work! CodeNEXT or CodeWRECK, Jim Duncan Today, Community Not Commodity, a local non-profit organization of experts held a press conference and released a stinging critique of the 1388-page second draft stating that it was "worse than the first one". Community Not Commodity's Summary: CodeNEXT Draft 2 has not been responsive to public feedback, lacks transparency, and reflects an unprofessional work product that has cost the City millions of dollars; CodeNEXT Draft 2 does nothing to resolve Austin’s most challenging problems, such as affordable housing, income and racial inequality, and neighborhood stability, and it appears to make theseproblems worse; and CodeNEXT Draft 2 creates economic incentives to redevelop and tear down Austin’s neighborhoods, which will result in the displacement of thousands of Austin’s families. Read CNC's full report here. With more here from CNC. Heads up, Austin. Mayor Adler has said he doesn't yet support CodeNEXT either...but he also doesn't support holding a public vote on it. We respectfully beg to differ with the Mayor. Please sign and circulate the petition for a public vote on CodeNEXT. We invite you to join us out on the petition trail. Contact us at 512.657.2089 or email us at

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