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We are petitioning for the right to vote on CodeNEXT and for a sensible sign ordinance in Austin. Remember, you cannot sign them online, you have to print them out, sign them and mail them or we'll get them to you if you ask us.

What do these two petitions have to do with each other? Not much except this little thing called democracy.

The city of Austin has lost its way so bad it doesn't know whether to wind its butt or scratch its watch.

Recently, we reported to you that they sent a petitioner to a grassy knoll far out of the foot traffic at a city owned facility, calling it a "free speech zone". Turns out City Legal put some time (and your tax dollars) into figuring out a way to make this legal.

Adding insult to injury, the City continues to thwart open government. Bill Aleshire just won another case! Read Bill's release, Some People Never Learn. Congrats to Bill and the Plaintiffs.

Now, are you all calmed down by the several month delay on CodeNEXT? Don't be...

PLEASE TELL ALL YOUR NEIGHBORS AND FRIENDS: The CodeNEXT petition deadline remains January 15!

So...before you run off after that turkey -- please join our petitioners to ruffle some feathers at the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. Reply for details.

Should we tell the city to take their petition and open government foibles (not to mention CodeNEXT) and put it in their pipe and smoke it? Join us at our nifty trailer office parked at Planet K on South Stassney and get involved. (Just call ahead).

Thanks to Planet K, both petitions are in all their stores.
Planet K is not just a head shop, their a gift shop that keeps ahead on giving to Austin. Thank them for us.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

IndyAustin SPAC
PO Box 41479
Austin, TX 78704

512.535.0989 * cell 512.657.0989
Pol. Adv.