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Austin is in the top 20 cities in the running to land the Amazon deal.

How is bringing 300,000 new residents to Austin goling to help those who live here now? It doesn't. Bill Aleshire, on behalf of IndyAustin, just filed Public Information Requests with the City of Austin. We want to see the Non-Disclosure Agreement demanded by Amazon of cities involved in the bidding war...and more. Read all about it here.

Our petition for the right to vote on CodeNEXT is in high gear. What can you do? Get your friends and neighbors to sign the petition and volunteer now for these events.

Linda -- list the key events here.

Oh, one more thing. Stop smoking that nasty growth weed grown for years by the Austin Area Chamber of Commerce and their minions at City Hall.

Join us to take back our town, y'all!

IndyAustin SPAC
PO Box 41479
Austin, TX 78704

512.535.0989 * cell 512.657.0989
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