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Amazon’s 300,000 Reasons for CodeNEXT Petition
Smoking the Growth Weed Part II

How would landing Amazon’s second headquarters and bringing as many as 300,000 people to the Austin area be good for Austin? Everyone knows it wouldn’t. That is, everyone but Mayor Steve Adler, the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce and the Austin Growth Machine. Austin’s Growth Machine is an informal network of real estate business people, Austin politicians and organizations firmly dedicated to Austin’s hyper-growth. They're also dedicated to operating in secrecy.

Intrepid open government attorney, Bill Aleshire, on behalf of IndyAustin, has filed Public Information Requests due back to us on February 16. We want to see the Non-Disclosure Agreement demanded by Amazon that the city may have signed and a whole lot more.

Read Amazon's 300,000 reasons for you to sign the CodeNEXT petition. Grab your clipboards, y'all!

We’re getting close to the 20,000 signatures goal, but we need more!

Petitions are due to us on March 15th.

3 BIG VOLUNTEER opportunities to get LOTS of signatures painlessly!

1.    Saturday, February 17th, from 12 to 5, outside your public library.

2.    Tuesday, February 20th thru Friday, March 2, at the Early Voting Polls -- by law 100-feet from the entrances.

3.    Tuesday, March 6, at the Election Day Polls – again, by law 100-feet from the entrances.

Visit this Petition Events Page first.
Then sign up to volunteer here.

Or just print out the petition, get signatures around Austin and mail it to us.

Do this, dear Austin! It’s for your own good!

IndyAustin SPAC
PO Box 41479
Austin, TX 78704

512.535.0989 * cell 512.657.0989
Pol. Adv.

PS Contact Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos (at You might warn about getting in the middle of a local battle between Austin voters and their government.