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Ora Houston on the 1928 Austin Master Plan and CodeNEXT

Ora Houston speaks on CodeNEXT. We are proud to circulate "Miss Ora's" (as we fondly call the Council member from District 1) message. She urges us not to repeat history in the shaping of a new land development code. This important warning by Ora Houston is about CodeNEXT and is not to be missed! Click on the header above and please do share.

 Status of the CodeNEXT Petition Drive

A few days ago someone asked us about this about the petition drive on CodeNEXT, "Are we going to make it?" We would say that we are likely to make it, BUT this depends on the rate of signatures coming in over the next several weeks. We are getting there and we will reveal our numbers at the March 5th Tune-In, Turn-In Meeting. Please come! More below.

Next Monday night, March 5 (the night before Election Day), we're going to release our petition numbers to you. We'll also get you ready to be at your local poll site the next day and to know your rights to petition on public property and at the polls. And we will talk about what is happening with our petition access issues, including at the Austin Public Library. That is why:

Attorney Bill Aleshire will be on hand for this meeting,
so please come, bring folks AND signatures with you.

The rate of CodeNEXT petitions coming in has definitely picked up...a lot! The rain has interfered, but y'all keep persevering.

We hear that some of the neighborhoods are also mobilizing to collect petition sheets that were distributed over the holidays. Keep it up!

We hope to see you at these upcoming events! Mark Your Calendars, por favor.
Click on these events for details or go to our Events Calendar.

Monday, March 5, 7 to 9 pm, Austin Energy: Tune-In, Turn-In Petition Update with Bill Aleshire.

Tuesday, March 5, 7 am to 7 pm, Volunteers to Petition at Election Day polls.

Saturday, March 10, 12-5 pm, Barton Springs Reopening Splash Petition Event -- co-sponsored by SOS Alliance.

Saturday, March 10, 12 to 5 pm, Petitioners will be Austin Public Libraries -- more soon about this event. For now, save the date.

Are you looking for something to do with your precious time over the next few weeks? Get on the petition band wagon and join us!

Donate to Our CodeNEXT petition drive!



Do we need dinero? Oh yes we do, Austin. Send us some of your hard-earned dough. And a hearty thanks to all who have done so already.

Independently yours, Austin!

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