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We have NOT finished the petition drive for your right to vote on CodeNEXT!
And the attack dogs at City Legal appear to be moving to stop this petition.

Please ignore that Statesman headline that ran two days ago, and tell your friends and neighbors we're not done yet! In order to secure your right to vote on CodeNEXT:

We are on deadline now! We must gather an additional 3500 signatures by March 15th.
We hope to file the petition as early as March 22.

Today's explosive story from Austin Monitor.

Today's Austin Monitor article, “Legal Memo Says CodeNEXT Petition Flawed,” shows how the City Legal Department may attempt to keep us from having a vote on Code Next. This is an extraordinary and extraordinarily dumb move by City Legal, a Department that has long served as a rat’s nest of impervious cover (pun intended) for the real estate lobby. Their missive about stopping this petition before placement on the ballot signals that they know CodeNEXT is too unpopular with Austinites!

Moreover, City Legal is signaling that they are willing to advise the Council to violate the City Charter, which reserves the power of petitioning for voter initiative to "the people":



The people of the city reserve the power of direct legislation by initiative, and in the exercise of such power may propose any ordinance, not in conflict with this Charter, the state constitution, or the state laws except an ordinance appropriating money or authorizing the levy of taxes. Any initiated ordinance may be submitted to the council by a petition signed by qualified voters of the city equal in number to the number of signatures required by state law to initiate an amendment to this Charter.

Yesterday, a petitioner was issued at trespass warning notice at the Central Library.

You can bet your tax dollars that library management has been in touch with City Legal. And we have already warned the City in our Cease and Desist Letter on February 19th to stop interfering with petitioners at public libraries.

Don’t get mad. Get even and help us finish this petition drive.

Join us this Saturday from 1 to 5 at the Barton Springs Reopening Splash at either entrance.

Bring your petitions there and send folks to sign there. And please share this event widely from this event page.

We will also continue to petition at public libraries. If you want to join us, please call Linda at 512.657.2089, reply to this message or email us at

Go out and multiply, y'all. Because, though we're not done yet, we are ALMOST DONE!

Use this petition page to print out petitions and read the petitioner instructions.

Get your signatures to us by March 15th!

Want to volunteer? Fill this out, please.

Got questions? Call us at 512.535.0989 or reply to this message.

Independently yours, Austin!

IndyAustin SPAC
PO Box 41479
Austin, TX 78704

512.535.0989 * cell 512.657.0989
Pol. Adv.

PS If you can't petition, please share this message and donate some funds to help us finish this petition drive. Thank you, Austin!