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Yesterday, 32,000 signatures filed with the Austin City Clerk for your right to vote on CodeNEXT received an immediate response from Mayor Steve Adler. Of course, it was your typical Adler double-talk, but at least it was a response. IndyAustin's, David Jones, caught the Mayor with a question and on video -- see below.

Meanwhile, in response to an open records request, we received a copy of this letter from the City Attorney's Office showing what may well be just the preliminary cost ($58,000 for one memo?) the Mayor ls lawyering up to spend on outside attorneys. For what righteous purpose, you might ask? To fight your right to vote on this massive overhaul of the land development code affecting every Austin renter, homeowner and local business: City Hires Lawyers to Fight your right to vote.

But here's where dumb and dumber rides again. This voluntarily leaked memo from the outside attorneys to the city on the so-called legal vulnerabilities of the CodeNEXT petition may well have waived the city's lawyer-client relationship on this matter. The lawyer-mayor must be having a few nightmares over this.

Watch this as David Jones, a renter who is struggling to hold on here in Austin as rents double every 4-5 years, nicely asks the Mayor to explain himself. The Mayor is still trying to use 10-1 (Austin's District System -- brought to Austin via a citizens petition) to disenfranchise you -- using "disenfranchisement" discourse. Huh?!

Steve Adler Double-Talk after 32,000 sigantures filed for your right to vote on CodeNEXT

After the interaction, David said,

"The Mayor's actions speak louder than his words. If he want us to believe that he and the city council members represent our best interest. All he really has to do it is lead the Council to put CodeNEXT on the ballot for the citizens to vote on."

CodeNEXT will tell builders where and what they can build for decades to come. Thousands of petition signers were nonplussed that the city wouldn't just automatically put it up for a public vote. But over half of the City Council -- especially Mayor Steve Adler -- seem to think you're smart enough to vote for them but not smart enough to vote on their policies.

Zap vice chair, Jim Duncan

We neglected to share with you the quote (and article, click on Jim's picture) printed in the March 22 edition of the Austin Chronicle by the highly qualified friend to all of Austin, Jim Duncan:

Thank you all -- the 32,000 signers -- and all those who helped get those signatures in (including organizations Community Not Commodity, Save Our Springs Alliance and the Austin Neighborhoods Alliance), those who helped process signatures, and helped  guide us -- especially Fred Lewis. A special thanks to volunteer petitioner Ed English who collected thousands of signatures for us, to our paid petitioners who didn't get rich off of us, and to our contributors (especially Billy Reagan, Jeff Heckler and The Solutions Group), our attorney, Bill Aleshire, Amanda & Carol, Deb Russell, super-geek Chris Hauboldt, Kirk Hoffman and a very special thanks to Cris Ybarra and Lucas "Lulu" Burdick. We love you all!

32,000 signatures filed is nothing to sneeze at. Would you like to volunteer with IndyAustin? Please sign in to get our email alerts and sign up to volunteer here.

Independently yours, Austin!

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PS We will let you know as soon as we hear back from the City Clerk about the certification of the petitions stay tuned, y'all.